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Production Credits

•Amon Saga (OVA) : Executive producer
•Dead Leaves (OVA) : Executive producer
•Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV) : Senior producer (Manga Ent.)
•Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Tachikoma na Hibi (OVA) : Producer
•Ghost Sweeper Mikami (TV) : Executive producer
•Ghost Sweeper Mikami Feature (movie) : Executive producer
•Kaidomaru (OVA) : Executive producer
•Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth (movie) : Executive producer
•Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (movie) : Executive producer
•Perfect Blue (movie) : Executive producer
•Rayearth (OVA) : Executive producer
•Read or Die (OVA) : Executive producer
•Street Fighter Alpha: Executive producer
•Street Fighter Alpha Generations (OVA) : Executive producer
•Vampire Wars (OVA) : Executive producer
•Virus Buster Serge (TV) : Executive producer
•X (movie) : Executive producer

•Executive producer:
Razor Blade Smile 2001
(independent feature)

Direct To DVD/Video:
•Executive Producer:
NYC Ballet Workout II 2002

25 commercials including:
•Duke Ellington Album release
•Toys 'R' Us
•Aerosmith concert tour and album release
•Ghost In The Shell TV series

•30 trailers for Movies and Animation projects
•Ghost In The Shell Movie
•Ghost In The Shell TV series
•Astro Boy TV Series
•Tokyo Fist feature
•Tetsuo feature
•Gravesend feature
•Ninja Scroll
•Blood : The Last Vampire

Music Videos:
•3 from Rush Hemispheres LP: Trees, Circumstances, La Villa Strangiato
•Latour: Blue from the film Basic Instinct

Live action Feature films that Gleicher theatrically distributed, marketed and ran PR for in addition to overseeing marketing, and release on DVD/Video:
•Mandela (Official documentary) Academy Award Nominated 1997 released by Manga Entertainment
•Stop Making Sense re-release 15 year anniversary Jonathan Demme directed
•Third World Cop
•Dance Hall Queen
•Scratch (Doug Pray Directed 2001) Sundance entry won Atlanta film fest best documentary
•The Criminal 1999 director Julian Simpson UK
•Thicker Than Water 1999 (Ice Cube - Fat Joe - Mack 10)
•Spaceman 1997 Scott Dickers directed
•Six String Samurai (Award Winning)
•Dark Days (Multi Award Winning documentary (6 Awards)
•Razor Blade Smile (Award Winning)

Music Groups that Gleicher worked on for artist development, marketing and promotion and was instrumental in the launch and growth of their careers:
Labels: Mercury, Polydor, Elektra, Epic, Geffen

•Reba McEntire
•Jon Bon Jovi
•Peter Gabriel
•Def Leppard
•The Cult
•John Mellencamp
•Guns N' Roses
•Kool and the Gang
•Gap Band
•Pointer Sisters

Signed groups Latour, Chris Mars, D'Bora, Steve "silk" Hurley, Jamie Principle, The Millions and Yello.